Jellyfish Phone Accessories


phone case and charger c/o Jellyfish

Where do I start with this lovely phone case? The color and graphics are amazing! I am a sucker for all things from the sea, so even the logo had me from the beginning. The beveled edge on the front feels great in my hands and it's non-slip surface is easy to hold onto. I have never tried a sticker on my home button before, but I love it because it makes the button so much easier to push. The screen protector is so much nicer than the ones the I have used before because in addition to preventing scratches, it adds an extra splash of color to the front of the phone.

The charger is great because the lightning cable that came with my phone has a USB connection. I am unable to use that to charge my phone in every vehicle, but most of the vehicles that I have been in have the D/C power outlet.

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